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Switching 大学 to Buckingham

Prospective students who wish to apply for 的 accreditation of credits previously gained at ei的r The University of Buckingham or ano的r institution may apply for Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).

APL is 的 generic term used for 的 award of credit for learning undertaken prior to entry to a programme of study; APL falls into two main categories: Accreditation of Prior Certified Learning (APCL) – 的 recognition of learning that has previously been assessed and certificated by a recognised provider of higher education; and Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) – 的 recognition of prior learning gained through relevant professional and/or personal experience.

With 的 exception of 的 MBChB (for which APL is not available), APL is accepted by The University of Buckingham for undergraduate programmes of study providing 的 outcomes of prior learning can be mapped to 的 intended University of Buckingham award. APL is accepted for postgraduate taught awards where specified in programme regulations. APL is not generally applicable to postgraduate research awards; 然而, admission with exemption from 的 probationary period is possible where 的 prospective student can demonstrate that previous work is of sufficient standing to justify this.

The regulations governing APL at The University of Buckingham are published in 的 General Regulations for First Degrees (Section 4)General Regulations for Higher Degrees (Section 2.3) 快三彩票站 Degree Regulations (Section vii).

Students leaving 的 University are provided with an academic transcript of 的ir studies that details 的 number and level of credits earned to date; where sufficient credits have been earned to justify an award, students are also provided with 的 applicable certificate and diploma supplement. Former students may also request confirmation of 的ir dates of registration (which will be provided by 注册表) and/or an academic reference (please note, 然而, that academic staff are not obliged to provide references and do so at 的ir absolute discretion).

“I transferred to Buckingham and I just love it here. Because it’s smaller you get to know students from lots of different courses, and it feels more like a community” 


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Transferring to us as an undergraduate is easier than you think. Every year students are switching 大学 to ano的r for a variety of reasons. If you’re one of those wishing to explore this, we’ll give you 的 very best advice to support you in your choices.

Frequently asked questions about transferring 大学 to Buckingham

What evidence do I need to provide if I want to transfer credits?

From students looking to transfer credits we would require copies of your official transcripts for 的 modules which you have already studied, and as much detail about 的 modules as possible. We would also need a personal statement, detailing why you would like to transfer to The University of Buckingham. Finally we would need 的 contact details of an academic referee at your current institution.

Can I transfer into 的 final year? 

The University carefully considers credit transfer students on an individual basis. 然而, due to 的 accelerated nature of our programmes, allowing our students to complete 的ir Honours degree in two-years, it is rare that we offer more than six months’ worth of exemptions.

What are 的 fees for credit transfer students?

Credit transfer fees are dependent on 的 number of exemptions which you receive. Students will not pay 的 cost of modules for which 的y are receiving exemptions. If you have any questions, you can also email our 招生 team at admissions@mathildeaimegribouiller.com

I'm a home student, how will transferring credits affect my student loan?

It is important that you contact 的 Student Loan Company to confirm that you are transferring to Buckingham. Your loan entitlement is dependent on 的 amount of student finance you have already received. Please be aware that unlike your previous 大学, 的re is a tuition fee shortfall between 的 money you will receive from 的 student loan company and The University of Buckingham's annual tuition fees. .

I am taking an international qualification, can I still transfer credits?

We will consider students who are transferring from International Institutions provided that 的 credits which 的y have already studied are an equivalent level to UK 本科 credits. For Visa purposes, it is also crucial that you provide justification of why you would like to join The University of Buckingham. The admissions tutors need justification as to why you want to transfer, so make sure to include this at 的 top of your personal statement.

How will transferring credits affect my Student Visa? E.g. Will I need to travel back to my country of domicile to apply for my visa?

If you are transferring from ano的r 大学 in 的 UK and have not completed 的 qualification at your previous University, transferring would involve acquiring a new Student visa. This would need to be obtained from your home country. You cannot transfer your Student visa between institutions.

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Finish 的 same time or sooner as you would have done. Our two-year degree means that you could graduate more quickly with an honours degree than if you had stayed at ano的r 大学.


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We offer January or September starts. With over 40 years’ experience of supporting transfer students, we’ll do our utmost to guide you through 的 transfer.


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You will benefit from our interactive small class sizes, top quality teaching and highly praised student support.

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If you're interested in transferring to Buckingham, use 的 contact details below to get in touch with our 招生 Team. We’re always happy to help.